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The Best French Press Coffee Maker for Camping

Ah, the great outdoors! Fresh air abounds, and nature surrounds you in all its glory.

Camping has always been a favorite activity in the U.S. Given the restrictions of the last year, it has only grown in popularity as a vacation option where you can still get away and observe social distancing requirements.

If you love camping, but can’t properly greet the day without your morning brew, we’re here to help.

Camping aficionados often had to be content with less-than-ideal coffee on the trail. After some research, we’ve found that it is possible to enjoy good coffee while camping and a very viable option for this is the French press.

Here are our recommendations.

Top Pick for the Best French Press Coffee Maker For Camping

The AeroPress

Though not technically a French press, the AeroPress is a manual, immersion brewing method for making coffee.

It is versatile and eminently suited for camping. Unlike a traditional French press, it uses paper micro filters to sift out coffee grounds, leaving you with a cup of Joe sans grit. The result? You can enjoy a smooth, translucent and less acidic cup of coffee.

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The Espro Travel Coffee Press P1

If an outdoor French press with aesthetic appeal is important for you, you’ll find the Espro is a sound choice. It comes in four finishes: matte black, matte white, matte grey and stainless steel.

Yet looks aren’t everything. This French press promises grit-free coffee with its double micro filter.

Constructed of double-walled and insulated stainless steel, it will keep your java hot for hours. It’s also relatively fast. You can get a good cup of coffee in about four minutes.

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Secura 50oz Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

If your camping is a family affair with a lot of coffee lovers, then the Secura makes sense.

Constructed of 18/10 stainless steel, the Secura is built to last and is pretty enough to use at home. It produces 50 ounces of coffee, more than enough for refills, while keeping your coffee hot for up to 60 minutes.

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Mueller Stainless Steel 32oz French Press Coffee Maker

Another eye-pleasing French press that bares a striking resemblance to the Secura above. The Mueller, however, makes a quart of coffee. It also makes tea, hot chocolate, nut milks like almond and cashew, cold brew and plant-based drinks.

Its three-layer filter keeps grinds out and its 18/10 double stainless steel construction keeps drinks at their optimum temperatures.

Alternate pick – Best Instant Coffee For Camping

Starbucks Via Instant Coffee

Priced at under $10, this instant coffee eliminates the need for a camping coffee press. Many of the brand’s popular blends are available including Pike Place, Veranda and herbal infusions.

Choosing the Best French Press Coffee Maker for Camping

Several things should come under consideration when deciding which coffee maker is suitable for you.

How You Camp

If you backpack or set up your own tent and camping equipment, you may want to look at a lightweight, portable coffee press.

If you use an RV, you may have more options because you essentially have a kitchen on the road.

How Often You Camp

You may not want to spend much on a French press if you’re not a frequent camper. Conversely, you may like a French press that can work both at home and on the road.

How Many People Are Camping

Large parties may require more versatility and the ability to make more coffee and/or beverages at a time.

How Much You Want to Spend

In a nutshell, look at value for the money, durability and ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I boil water for coffee without making a camp fire?

All of the French presses listed here require you to boil water. The good news is you don’t have to make a camp fire to do this.

We recommend using a camping stove like the Jetboil water heating system.

The Jetboil is a lightweight, canister heating system that works with a pot, igniter, stove and stand all in one unit. It heats water in less than two minutes and comes in various sizes to meet your camping needs. An upside is that you can also use the Jetboil to make meals.

What About Cleanup?

There are disposable French press filters out there that eliminate some of the clean up until you can get home. You can also use a vinegar and water solution to clean your coffee maker. Check the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Whatever your choice of French press, you can be confident that you can still enjoy a good cup of coffee in the great outdoors.

Happy camping!

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