Top Pick For The Best Personal Blender For Travel

The Best Portable Blenders for Travel

Portable blenders are ideal for travel due to their compact size and easy-to-use features. If you love traveling and going for adventures, a travel smoothie blender will come in handy as it is light, and you can prepare a drink or meal anywhere you go.

You can also keep up with your diet and fitness goals as you can prepare healthy recipes on the go based on your nutritional needs.

Here are the best portable blenders for travel.

Top Pick For The Best Personal Blender For Travel

Ninja Personal Blender

Top Pick For The Best Personal Blender For Travel

Ninja personal blender is our top portable blender as it offers various benefits from power and design to convenience and practical features.

This blender will fit your lifestyle as it comes with enough power to break down even tough ingredients and whole fruits to create delicious smoothies. It has a 700-watt motor with Pulse technology that can slice through frozen fruit for cold smoothies and crush ice for cold drinks.

Enjoy maximum benefits from veggies and whole fruits with Ninja personal blender as it can extract hidden vitamins and nutrients. You do not have to worry about storage as Ninja personal blender measures 11.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches and won’t take much space.

It is also lightweight, and you can slip it in your bag and carry it to the gym, office, or class.

Ninja personal blender is dishwasher safe, including the lids, cups, and blade. This compact blender is easy to store, thanks to its slim design.

It is a perfect compact blender for smoothies, especially if you have an active lifestyle.

The ingredients are blended directly in the Nutri Ninja cups, which you can take wherever you go. The blender comes with two 16-ounce cups with spout lids, blade assembly, and a 50-recipe inspiration guide.

Alternate Pick – Best Compact Portable Blender With USB Charging (Less power than our top pick)

PopBabies Smoothie Blender

Best Compact Portable Blender With USB Charging (Less power than our top pick)

Our alternate pick for the best compact blender for smoothies is the PopBabies smoothie blender.

With a compact design and slightly less power than our top pick, this travel blender has a petite size making it ideal for use on the go.

With PopBabies, you don’t have to worry about not starting problems since it comes with a magnetic touch. It is also easy to clean since the blade base, motor base, and bottle can be separately and safely detached. This also means you can access all the parts reducing mould and dead corners.

This portable blender comes with a 15 oz cup that you can blend your ingredients in and drink from it. This prevents pouring the smoothie into a second cup, adding more washing work.

PopBabies personal blender supports USB charging and you can blend while charging. It comes with 175 watts and can blend up to 18 cups with a single charge.

Enjoy safe and versatile blending as you can blend shakes, protein shakes, smoothies, and baby food.

Alternate pick – Best Portable Immersion Blender For Travel (A great alternative for those looking for blending on the road)

KitchenAid Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender

Best portable immersion blender for travel (a great alternative for those looking for blending on the road)

The KitchenAid Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender is an excellent choice for making smoothies, especially while on the road. While an immersion blender isn’t the most obvious choice, it can actually be the best option, in some cases.

It can blend up to 25 bowls on a single charge. It is easy to charge the powerful lithium-ion battery that delivers great performance and optimal runtime. You can easily know when it’s time to charge as the battery indicator shows a light signal.

The battery only takes 2 hours to be fully charged, and it’s very durable with proper maintenance. The blender comes with a convenient charger that also works on other products in the cordless collection.

You get versatility with the KitchenAid Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender as it can blend various ingredients, including milkshakes, smoothies, hummus, soups, and so much more. It comes with an 8-inch blending arm with a 4-point stainless steel blade that easily slices through ingredients.

This portable blender offers more control and flexibility with the variable speed trigger. You won’t have to worry about accidental trigger movement since it comes with a safety switch located in the blade handle. The blender features a sturdy construction with the bottom half made of metal and a small part that consists of plastic.

This immersion blender comes with a blending jar with a lid, a blender arm, and a pan guard that are all dishwasher safe. You also get a charger, and it’s advisable to allow the blender to fully charge before using it. The blender offers a quiet operation with easy operation.

Alternate pick – Best Budget Travel Blender For Protein Shakes (if you just want powdered drinks)

Blender Bottle Strada Stainless Steel Push-button Insulated Protein Shaker

Best Budget Travel Blender For Protein Shakes (if you just want powdered drinks)

If you’re looking for a blender for solely powdered drinks on the road Blender Bottle has to be the best option. This budget travel blender for protein shakes comes in a sleek design to get the job done.

It features a stainless steel blender that is spill-proof and easy to open and close push button. It also has a sliding lock that helps to avoid opening the bottle accidentally.

This blender is a product of combining simplicity and advanced innovation to achieve convenience and functionality. Keep your smoothies, and other ingredients chill for up to 24 hours with the double-wall insulation.

This portable blender uses an innovative BlenderBall wire whisk that gives you perfectly smooth protein shakes.

You can forget lumpy protein shakes thanks to enhanced mixing and the round base that ensures that all the powder is well mixed.

The bottle is ergonomic, flexible, and has a carry loop that allows you to carry it everywhere.

How to Choose the Best Portable Travel Blender

When looking for the best travel blender, it’s crucial you check out certain features to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

With so many brands and types of portable blenders, you can find it overwhelming to choose the best compact blender for smoothies. Here are some of the features to look out for.

Size and Weight

Size is crucial in portable blenders since you want something you can carry around with ease. It should also be sizeable enough to blend significant ingredients and preferred drink size. With a small pitcher size, you may have to blend numerous batches.

You should look for a blender that is not too bulky as it may not be ideal for traveling. When looking at the cup size, you should consider the number of people using the blender.

Power and Battery Size

A portable blender can be cordless or have a plug-in unit.

When buying a cordless blender, ensure it has a high-capacity battery that can last for long periods of blending.

Other blenders have USB charging cords or chargers, which you need to plug in power outlets.

A blender with less battery capacity means you have to keep charging it to continue blending. You can measure the power of a blender by checking the revolutions per minute or the wattage. A blender with high wattage means it’s powerful and can blend hard ingredients.


Most portable blenders come with innovative features that improve safety and convenience. Features like a carrying loop come in handy when hiking or walking. Interchangeable blades allow you to use the blender as a dicer. Other features include insulation, variable speed, and safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of power adapter will I need for my travel blender?

The type of adapter will depend on the voltage you need. Travel blenders usually have their voltage requirements written at the back or manual. High voltage can overpower your blender and damage it, while low voltage may not be enough to blend your ingredients.

Can I refrigerate my portable blender?

Yes, you can store the cups or bottles of the blender in the fridge to keep them fresh and chill. However, the blender base and other accessories should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Can I blend hot liquids in my portable blender?

This depends on how hot the ingredients are, as extremely hot liquids or boiling water can damage the blender. You can use warm liquids that you are sure won’t scold you or damage the ingredients.

How long does it take to charge a portable blender?

Most blenders usually take about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge, although it depends on the model. Some models can take as little as 2 hours, while others can take longer.

Can I bring a portable blender on an airplane?

Many blenders are internationally accepted and TSA-approved to carry on airplanes. However, it also depends on the liquid capacity of the travel blender cup and the size of the blades.

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