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The Best Portable Basketball Hoop For Dunking

These are the best portable basketball hoops for dunking

What kid out there doesn’t dream of practicing those sweet slam dunks? Heck, I’m in my 30’s now and I’m still trying to dunk whenever I get around a basketball net.

So what are the best options for practicing those dunks?

I’m here to answer that question for you today with some research I’ve done that should get you pointed in the right direction.

Our Top Pick – This Is The Best Portable Basketball Hoop For Dunking

*Our pick for the best portable hoop for dunking does come with a caveat, however. And that is that the absolute best option if you are wanting a reliable, and more importantly, durable, basketball hoop – where dunking will be a common thing – we recommend that you get an in-ground basketball hoop set up instead. Any of the in-ground ones from Goalrilla are excellent options.

These are far superior to the portable ones and will last forever. You will have to shell out more money for these hoops however, and if that is not in the cards then there are still some great options for portable hoops.

Now, with that out of the way..

The best portable basketball hoop for dunking is…

The Silverback SBX 50″ Backboard Portable Basketball Hoop

top pick basketball hoop for dunking

Product Info:

Backboard: 50″ W x 30″ H – Polyethylene

Height: Adjustable 7.5′ to 10′

Portability: Has wheels

Assembled Weight: 161 lbs.

If you must get a portable basketball hoop instead of the in-ground versions, then this will be your best bet in my opinion.

The slanted pole design of this hoop gives it an even weight distribution across the base for some of the best stability that I’ve seen in a portable setup.

The height on this baby can also be adjust from 7.5′ to 10′. While the youngsters won’t be able to dunk on this net, it’ll give them something to work towards as they get older.

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Features To Look For In A Good Portable Basketball Hoop For Dunking

Durability and Stability

This is the most important thing to look for when you’re trying to find a hoop that will be dunked on often. Portable hoops in general are known to be pretty flimsy and don’t hold up very well for dunking which is why we recommend the in-ground hoops if you can afford them.


You are looking for a ‘portable’ hoop for a reason. If the portability aspect is important to you then be sure that the hoop that you choose has wheels, otherwise it will be a real pain to move around.

Height Adjustability

This feature depends on individual preference, but if you are setting up this hoop for the youngins then the option of adjusting the height is a handy feature to have as they get older.


Price is important in every purchase that you make obviously. With these portable basketball hoops for dunking you are not going to want to go for something that is below $300 in my opinion. Quality comes with a price and if dunking is important, most option below this will break pretty easily.

Alternative Options For Dunkable Hoops

Portable Hoops For The Kids To Dunk On

Franklin Sports Over The Door Shatter Resistant Hoop

portable door hoop for dunking basketball,basketball hoops,dunking

Product Info:

Backboard: 25″ W x 17″ H – Foam backing for door protection

Shatter Resistant: Yes

Ball Size: 5″ Diameter

Fits: Most standard doors

Breakaway rim: No

This is a great option for the kids to be able to reach and dunk on. These hoops aren’t going to be made with the quality of our top pick or any of the in ground options but they are a great choice if you just want to practice some dunking indoors.

It’s also available at a good price on Amazon so it’s super easy to order.

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop XL

sklz portable dunk hoop door basketball,basketball hoops,dunking

Product Info:

Backboard: 23″ W x 16″ H

Shatter Resistant: Yes

Ball Size: 5.5″ Diameter

Fits: Most standard doors

Breakaway Rim: Yes

This is another great option that was recommended by u/scientist_tomas on Reddit.

This hoop isn’t available on Amazon unfortunately for all the Amazon junkies out there, but it should really be considered. It features a breakaway steel rim for ensuring that you or the kids don’t break anything when you get a little too into it.

It’s also sold for just under $40 so it won’t break the bank.

Not Portable, But The Best Option If You Want To Take Dunking Seriously

Goalrilla SB54IG Silverback In Ground Hoop

in ground hoop for dunking basketball,basketball hoops,dunking

Product Info:

Backboard: 54″ W x 33″ H – Tempered Glass

Height: Adjustable 7.5′ to 10′

Portability: Not portable

Breakaway Rim: Yes

Warranty: 5 Year limited warranty

If you are truly serious about getting a hoop that will last forever, this is it. These are the best basketball hoops for dunking on the market.

Sure, they might not be portable, but these are the best hoops in terms of quality that you can get to dunk on.

These are as stable as home hoops come and will give you the realistic feel of the pro goals. They are installed on a concrete base so there is no worry about them tipping. They also take up less space on the ground because of their buried bases.

Summing It All Up

While the absolute best basketball hoops for dunking aren’t portable, there are still some options that will serve you well. Our top portable pick, the Silverback SBX is about as close as you can come to the in ground basketball hoops in terms of quality and stability for dunks.

If you are looking for something that the kids can dunk on then your best option will be a door mounted hoop. These hoops won’t last forever, but they don’t cost nearly as much as the larger setups do. As the kids get older, and more importantly, taller, an in ground hoop or a quality portable goal like the Silverback will be a nice upgrade from the door mounted hoops.

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