DIY Woodworking projects for beginners

11 DIY Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Have you just started getting into woodworking? Are you looking to pick it up as a new hobby? Whatever the case may be, these 10 DIY beginners’ woodworking projects will give you some needed practice and help you improve your skills.

Each of these projects is relatively easy for beginners, but can also provide you with little challenges along the way. By continuously building little projects like these, you will come to find new woodworking ideas on your own and keep getting better.

You can work through each project, or just pick the ones that sound interesting to you.

Here is our list of 11 DIY woodworking projects for beginners

DIY Wood coffee table by Shanty-2-Chic

credit: shanty-2-chic

Here is a great woodworking project for a beginner that can be very practical as well. You can find the instructions for this piece at Shanty-2-Chic.

DIY Salt and pepper shakers by Jay’s Custom Creations

credit: Jay’s custom creations

Here is another practical project that is also great for gifting as well. Find the instructions to build these at Jay’s Custom Creations.

DIY Wooden bench project by Fine Woodworking

credit: Fine woodworking

Another great project for beginners to build is a wooden bench. You can find the instructions to build this over at Fine Woodworking.

DIY Cat nook project by Canadian Woodworking

credit: Canadian woodworking

Your cat will be forever happy with you if you build them a nice wooden nook to play in. You can find out how to build one of these at Canadian Woodworking.

DIY Coat rack with storage by Woodsmith Plans

credit: Woodsmith plans

Everyone can use a good coat rack. Sharpen up those woodworking skills by making this piece that has storage as well. Learn how to build it from Woodsmith Plans.

DIY Wood domino set by Rockler

credit: Rockler

Build yourself a classic domino set and then play with friends. Learn how to do this one at Rockler.

DIY Outdoor wooden chairs by Ana White

credit: Ana White

These outdoor wooden chairs are not only beginner friendly, but they also look great when finished. Follow the instructions to build these at Ana White.

DIY Wooden toy box by Woodworking Corner

credit: Woodworking corner

Wooden boxes are something that beginners should be practicing with as much as possible. Start with simple boxes like this and keep expanding on functionality. Build a box with drawers once you can comfortably build boxes. Learn how to make this at Woodworking Corner.

DIY Zigzag cutting board by Lumber Jocks

credit: Lumber jocks

Build yourself a cutting board and then practice those cooking skills afterwards! Find out how to build one of these at Lumber Jocks.

DIY Bird feeder by 100thingstodo

credit: 100thingstodo

Building a bird feeder is a classic woodworking project for beginners to get practice on. Learn how to make this at 100thingstodo.

DIY Wooden dresser by Woodshop Diaries

credit: Woodshop diaries

Once you’ve gotten some practice at building wooden boxes, take it to the next level by building a functional dresser! Find out how you can build this wooden dresser from Woodshop Diaries.

I hope you found some of these ideas useful! Be sure to give the original project creators some love by visiting their websites and sharing their projects.

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