Best Slide Under Sofa Table TV Tray Tables

The Best Slide Under Sofa Tables You Can Buy

If you’re trying to find a table that’s easy to reach while you’re sitting comfortably on the couch, you’ve landed on the right page.

Slide under sofa tables or tv tray tables as some like to call them are uniquely shaped so the base can slide under the couch while the surface of the table overhangs your lap. This allows you to easily use the table while using a laptop or watching tv while eating, without having to reach like you would for a normal coffee table.

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In this post we will share the best slide under sofa tables that you can buy.

Aside from our top choice, we will also share some of our favorite variations of these tables that might be more suited to you, depending on your needs or style preferences.

Picks at a glance:

1st Choice: Z-shaped Bamboo Slide Under Sofa Table by Homfa

2nd Choice: Boomerang End Table by EQ3

3rd Choice: Universal Swivel TV Tray Table by Able Life

Our Top Pick – The Best Slide Under Sofa Table For Most People

Z-Shaped Bamboo Large Slide Under Sofa Table by Zoopolyn

Product Info:

Dimensions: 23.6″L x 15.75″W x 25.6″H

Material: Bamboo

Finish / Colors: Nature or white

Weight: 13 lbs.

Bottom Crossbar: None

It took me a surprisingly long time to come to a conclusion on which table to choose as our top pick for this list. There are so many different styles and variations to choose from, all with their own positives and negatives. However, I’m confident that this slide under sofa table from Zoopolyn is the best blend of size, sturdiness, price, style, and functionality that you can get.

While this table does not have adjustable height settings, it’s 25.6 inch height is more than our minimum recommended height of 24 inches while not being too high for those with low sofas.

The surface area makes this is a large slide under sofa table. It has a generous 23.6 inch by 15.75 inch area which is situated length-wise and suitable for sitting normally with your legs tucked under the table.

Another factor which will be extremely important depending on the underside of your sofa is that the slide under legs are separated and open rather than joined with a crossbar so they can actually tuck under a sofa without hitting any of the supports underneath. It also makes for a great side table that slides under the couch.

The z-shaped design of this table, along with it being constructed from bamboo make this table surprisingly sturdy for it’s relatively light weight of just under 16 pounds.

It’s unanimously well reviewed and can be purchased for under $100 online. For all of these reasons, this table from Zoopolyn is our top choice for most people.

Alternate picks for specific needs

Most versatile, adjustable slide under sofa table

Boomerang End Table by EQ3

Best Adjustable Slide Under Sofa Table TV Tray Tables

Product Info:

Dimensions: 24″L x 18″W (widest) 4″W (narrowest) x 18″ – 28″H

Material: Metal base, manufactured wood surface

Finish / Colors: Chrome finish, 3 colors available (walnut, valley, onyx)

Weight: 11.22 lbs.

Bottom Crossbar: None

Depending on your needs and preferences, this boomerang style table might be the perfect table for you.

It’s an adjustable slide under sofa table with varying height from 18 inches up to 28 inches making it suitable for sofas of any height. This also means it works great as a table the slides over the bed as well.

The uniquely shaped, triangular surface of this table gives you the versatility to position this table in more ways than any of the other tables I’ve seen.

Like our top pick on this list, the base of this table doesn’t have a crossbar, allowing you to tuck it under most pieces of furniture without being blocked by any odd supports. The base is about 1 inch in thickness, so you just need to be sure your sofa has enough clearance for that.

With an average review of 4.5 out of 5 stars at the time of this writing, this table is a solid, dependable choice. You can find it online at the official EQ3 website.

Best TV tray table with cup holder / Best folding slide under sofa table

Table Mate II by Table-Mate

Best TV Tray Table With Cup Holder / Best Foldable Slide Under Sofa Table

Product Info:

Dimensions: 21.26″L x 16.73″W x 21.75″ – 29.25″H

Material: Metal legs, polypropylene surface

Finish / Colors: 4 colors available (black, mocha, slate grey, white)

Weight: 6.6 lbs.

Bottom Crossbar: None

The Table Mate II from Table-Mate is the most like the classic tv tray tables for eating and watching tv that were made popular in the 80’s and 90’s.

While these folding slide under sofa tables may not look great, they get the job done, are cheap, and can be easily stowed away after each use. They are also easy to assemble and just snap together.

These lightweight tables have a polypropylene surface with a cup holder which make them some of the best tv tables for eating.

Given the price, you shouldn’t expect the most sturdy of tables. The metal legs are lightweight and do not have a crossbar which makes them easy to slide under furniture, but given the material, causes them to also be flimsy.

Despite some negatives, and the lack of any visual appeal, these tables are excellent for people just looking to have a meal at the couch and then put the tables away when not in use.

Best Swivel TV Tray Table

Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table

Best Swivel TV Tray Table

Product Info:

Dimensions: 25″L x 20″W x 24″ – 32″H

Material: Metal base, bamboo surface

Finish / Colors: Galaxy brown finish with bamboo wood surface

Weight: 20 lbs.

Bottom Crossbar: Base sits under side of sofa legs

Do you need a tv table that slides under the couch? This style of table instead has an arm that swivels and can be an even better option for some people. This table has an adjustable base which fits under the end of your sofa and has and arm that holds the table surface which swivels over your lap.

The bamboo surface on this table is nice and large which makes it great for a variety of uses as well. It features a 25 inch by 20 inch area and is larger than most traditional slide under sofa tables that you can find.

Because of the way the base is set up, this is also quite a sturdy table, even though the top is only supported by a single arm.

At a little over $100, this is a great option for those looking to get laptop work done, eat a meal, or read a book from the couch.

Important factors to consider when buying a slide under sofa table (FAQs)

Due to everyone having different furniture in their homes, buying a slide under sofa table requires some important considerations. These are the most important things to consider when making a decision on a slide under sofa table.

How much height do you need to have the table overhang your lap?

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend that you measure how much height you will need from the table so it overhangs yours lap while seated. For most sofas, I wouldn’t get a table that has less than 24 inches in height.

Does your sofa have the clearance beneath it to accommodate a slide under table?

Check underneath your sofa. Some will have supports that run horizontally across the entire base, especially those with recliners built in. If this is the case, you will not be able to get the table to slide under the sofa.

Even if your sofa just has regular support legs, slide under tables with a crossbar on the base can have trouble fitting underneath where they need to. We made sure that the picks on this list don’t have that crossbar and can accommodate most sofas.

How sturdy do you need the table to be?

Generally, the sturdier the table, the better. However, you’re going to end up paying more for a sturdier table, so you need to decide how much you’re willing to spend. The tables that are more sturdy also tend to have more crossbars or supports in inconvenient places to give them strength. Make sure that your sofa can still accommodate for these added supports.

Which orientation do you need the table to be?

Some slide under tables are better suited for lying on a sofa while others are better for sitting upright on the sofa. Usually the narrow tables work better for lying down on a sofa, as that will give you a wider surface to use, while the tables that are more squared are better for sitting upright.

How much surface area do you need?

If you plan on using your slide under sofa table for anything more than reading a book, you should consider how large you need the surface area to be. To eat a meal comfortably, or use a laptop properly, you will need a table with enough width to accommodate. Be aware of this and check the dimensions of the surface before buying.

Final Thoughts

I think that about covers it for todays post. As always, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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